New Hampshire Democrats push for another presidential debate

Sanders released a gauzy, uplifting ad Thursday with images of his overflowing rallies over a soundtrack of Simon and Garfunkel's "America". At at event in Burlington, Iowa, Clinton said she was "somewhat confused" by Sanders calling these groups part of establishment, saying, "I wish it were".

Contrasting Hillary with her chief contender for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, Mr. Clinton said that the nation needs "not anger but answers".

Many saw a battle over President Barack Obama's legacy, and echoes of the primary battle between him and Clinton in 2008. Many political experts believe that Sanders needed a win in both of the first two states in order to build momentum toward the upcoming stretch of more moderate states, which lean more toward Clinton. In the Real Clear Politics polling average, Sanders is up by nearly 13 points.

When was the last time a Democratic candidate for president made a campaign ad that "centered", as the social justice kids say, urban landscapes and archetypes in the same sentimental, fetishistic way this ad centers rural landscapes and archetypes? Democratic caucus-goers said they trust the Vermont senator over Clinton on the economy by 22 points, and 67% said they thought he would do more to help the middle class, as opposed to 30% who felt that way about Clinton. But with the caucuses approaching and polls tightening dramatically, she has stepped up her critique of Sanders.

Sanders has eaten away at Clinton's lead among Democrats throughout the cycle, and has led her in recent New Hampshire polls.

Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist.

They've long seen New Hampshire as a tougher race, given Sanders' decades of representing a neighboring state, but expect Clinton to be strong in South Carolina, Nevada and the Southern states that vote on March 1.

Clinton portrayed herself as having better experience and better ability to work with other world leaders and with Republicans in Congress.

Clinton went on to further defend the Human Rights Campaign as well for its lead in the battle for same-sex marriage equality and lauded them as two of the most progressive organizations in the country whose endorsements she was proud to have. Just 7 percent said they have an unfavorable opinion of the senator.

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