Clinton attacks Sanders on foreign policy experience

The latest polls show sanders up by 27 percent in New Hampshire, and within striking distance - just two points behind Hillary Clinton - in Iowa.

And National Review, a conservative magazine, announced its opposition to Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. NPR's Tamara Keith and Brian Naylor are on the trail today.

Clinton's campaign sees foreign policy as an area where the former secretary of state has a big advantage over Sanders. Welcome to you both. While Sanders demanded the governor's head, he noted, Hillary Clinton contacted the mayor and scrambled to help demand the money for a fix.

The poll noted that this could pose a challenge for the Democrat's campaign, as "younger voters and first-time primary voters are the least likely to show up on election day". Let's listen to that.

"I would hope very much that Secretary Clinton would join me in making certain that seniors in this country do not have to live on $12,000, $13,000 a year", he said. "I still think she's in a good place".

Meanwhile, Trump ripped Cruz as a strident and unlikeable figure lacking the skills to negotiate and lead on behalf of the US. Brian, tell us about this one.

The uplifting, gauzy ad features images of his rallies as Simon and Garfunkel's "America" plays.

SIEGEL: So the whole soundtrack - all we're hearing is the song.

"If you know history, what you know is that nothing ever changes from the top on down. I think the evidence is that it can", he asserted. It's - it'll be aired in - up here in New England where the electorate is largely - the Democratic electorate is largely white. "I wish there was a spot for Bernie helping Hillary". It's an issue Clinton has recently used in attacks against her opponent, painting Sanders with an irresponsible record on firearm legislation while in Congress.

Up to now, the Clinton campaign's anti-Sanders efforts have focused on differences between Sanders and Clinton on health care and gun safety issues.

"They didn't take him seriously enough because they thought they had a gadfly", said John Morgan, a Florida attorney and Clinton donor. "A number of other things seem to be back".

SIEGEL: Sanders has McKibben on the road.

Aldrich said "the fact that she's a woman and would be the first woman president is obviously appealing". Abortion-rights groups have spent more than a year watching Republicans turn Planned Parenthood into a political football because of undercover videos by their long-time rivals.

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