'Making a Murderer' Could Get a Season 2 on Netflix

Peter Jackson has shared his thoughts about Making a Murderer.

These statements are not assurance, though, that a second series is indeed in the making or would hit Netflix anytime soon. Two years after his release, Avery was arrested again and convicted for the murder of a young photographer, Teresa Halbach.

"We did not intend to have an impact on that particular case", Ricciardi told Noah. "I can say that if I was accused of a crime, this is not how I would want to be treated".

"Making a Murderer" focuses on what many say are questionable tactics by law enforcement and prosecutors in the Halbach murder investigation. People were just obsessed with it. There must be something genetic in us, that we're natural born detectives. "If there are significant developments, we'll be there".

Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi said they have been gathering material, but wouldn't commit to whether they're planning another series.

In their conversation, Kratz discusses why he subpoenaed the series' filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, why a key piece of the defense's evidence was meaningless, and a change in his astrological identity.

Since the release of Making a Murderer, fans have petitioned for the release of Steven Avery.

"As we've said before, in relation to this story, this story is ongoing, these cases are open, but it's real life", Demos said. Ultimately, their bigger objective was to get people interested in and passionate about the American criminal justice system - all parts of it, even jury duty.

But while viewers continue to flock to the series, Avery's former fiancé Jodi Stachowski has since told USA current affairs show Nancy Grace that her ex was a "monster" and that the series is "all lies".

"This film is 10 years in the making".

The Netflix series raises questions about his murder conviction and has ignited a groundswell of support for the convict.

Ricciardi fully admitted that they did leave out evidence, suggesting the constraints of telling a condensed story forced them to not include some aspects.

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