4 ways to take charge of iOS's Background App Refresh feature

According to the report, Apple has features LiFiCapability since iOS 9.1, which could suggest that they now have some iPhones in testing using LiFi.

One line found in the recently released iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 hints at the headphone jack's future. If you haven't used the app before, and have an iPhone or iPad, give it a try first.

It allows you to interact with several applications like Weather, Health, Stock App and others.

Signing up to this program will be definitely a smart move for most iPhone and iPad users, as they can enjoy the advanced iOS 9.3 with new features, without any hassles. The patch also comes with fix for an issue that prevents some Macs from waking from sleep when connected to some 4K-resolution displays.

Tap Settings General Background App Refresh, then scroll down the list of apps.

The last true public iOS release was iOS 9.2 back in December 2015 though, and the company had yet to release a new version of its popular mobile software in 2016... until now. Those with an iOS powered device are more excited about the upcoming iOS 9.3 update.

Li-Fi is now still in a highly developmental stage, meaning it's extremely unlikely to feature in the iPhone 7, expected for release this September.

I'm still working on finding the bundle IDs for the rest of Apple's default apps. Or you can just opt for the classic, low-tech solution.

Although the latest trick to hide apps in the iOS ecosystem does call for a slightly complicated procedure, the fact that Apple has chosen to allow it, is an indicator of things to come. While the aforementioned F.lux does have an app, Apple wouldn't approve it for the app store because it required too much low-level hardware access.

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