David Bowie's US Music Sales Increase Over 5000 Percent

So this is a farewell to a human representation of greatness, but fans of David Bowie should not be completely saddened by his death because as the legend himself said, "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring".

Bowie's career has spanned an impressive 49 years, and in that time he has sold an estimated 140 million records worldwide, earned a number of Platinum album certifications, and been indicted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mayor Bill de Blasio made the official announcement earlier today, and a proclamation will be read during the curtain call of tonight's final Lazarus performance to honour the new occasion. As of this writing, that petition has over 16,000 signatures (though it's not clear how they would stop West from doing anything in execution).

Well, at least that was true before Bowie popularized them.

Her current Twitter profile picture is the cover of Bowie's last album - his first to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200!

Apparently he's already been featured on over 300 objects which showcases "how epic and popular he is". As a friend of Bowie's told The Sun, "After decades of frenetic city living, David finally found peace in the mountains and that's where I am sure some of his remains will go".

But way back when I was in junior and senior high school and on through college, we cared a lot about rock music, perhaps more than anything else.

One of the most heartbreaking things about David's passing is that now his AH-Mazing love story has such a tragic ending. In the vast amount of ink that's been spilled about the man, one of the frequently-recurring descriptions of his large body of work is "chameleonic".

The International Astronomical Union seem to be bearing the brunt of these petitions with another demanding a constellation in the Space Oddity singer's name. At the time, I was in thrall to, and in awe of, a bunch of slightly older, seemingly vastly cooler boys who I'd slow-dance with and sob in the toilets over at sports club discos in my small suburban Home Counties village.

Blame The Daily Star for sparking the speculation.

Petition founder Emma Jennings has rejected his however because "it looks nothing like him" and wants The Goblin King instead, from his film Labyrinth.

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