Is Square Enix Prepping A Second Demo For Final Fantasy XV?

"One compelling reason to believe that Final Fantasy 7 could come to the Nintendo NX is the improved relationship between Square Enix and Nintendo in recent years", as stated in the website. According to Yibada, game director Hajime Tabata is thinking of bringing back Stella, one of the original female leads in the series. A few days ago Square Enix confirmed that the final entry of the Lightning Saga, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is going to be released on Steam next month.

Nomura also encouraged fans to follow through with the "Final Fantasy VII" development. "Final Fantasy XV" joins other titles such as "Monster Hunter X", "Persona 5", and another Square Enix iteration, "Kingdom Hearts III".

The Gambit system in the "FFXV" will allow gamers to upgrade the stats they want for Noctis and the rest of the characters, as well incorporate their game and combat styles when in battle.

Tabata also revealed that DLC will be coming out for the game post-launch, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

Hopefully, more details about the demo will be shared in the near future. While Noctis will be equipped with natural magical abilities because of his being a member of the Lucis family, other characters such as Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis will likely be given magic rings in order for them to use Fire, Ice, Protect, Ensuna and many more, to cast magic. Some of the fantastical landscapes of "Final Fantasy XV" can be seen in the screenshots. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Square Enix has been porting several Final Fantasy games for the PC recently including the entire 13 trilogy.

Watch the "Final Fantasy XV E3 2013" Trailer at the E3 2013 Sony Conference below.

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