Obama Immigration Action Plan: Justice Department Petitions Supeme Court to

Obama Immigration Action Plan: Justice Department Petitions Supeme Court to

So as we mark the one-year anniversary of President Obama's now stymied executive order to offer relief to millions of undocumented immigrants and we wait the Supreme Court's ruling the matter, our message to the world is that we intend to "Vote, Defend and Win". It would help protect about 5 million undocumented immigrants from fear of deportation, the New York Times reported. Immigration reform and at least these executive actions were important to President Obama's second term goals and legacy and the injunction has been a blow to his plans.

The executive actions in question - the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, or DAPA, as well as an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, or DACA - would have affected millions of immigrants. "It bars approximately 4 million parents - who have lived in this country for years, would pass a background check, are not priorities for removal, and have "a son or daughter who is a USA citizen or lawful permanent resident" from requesting deferred action under the Guidance and receiving authorization to work lawfully", the DOJ wrote in its petition. The appeals court reversed that decision last week, but only on Thursday did it officially grant the women permission to join in the expected Supreme Court appeal. The Democratic presidential candidates have all announced plans to expand Obama's executive actions.

"I qualified for DACA 3 years ago with my sister", Pamela Chomba, said at the rally.

The appeal was presented by the Justice department on Friday.

Supporters of the President's plan include human rights groups, Latino advocacy organizations and labor unions. For instances, spouses of immigrants that have work permits can also find jobs in the USA, foreign college students that study technology or science in the nation's universities can stay and find a place to work in the US, spouses and children of legal immigrants will no longer be deported to their countries while they seek legal status.

The brief represents the administration's last real hope of getting a court to green light the programs before the next election. The Supreme Court typically accepts appeals for the current term, which runs until June 2016, through the early winter.

Obama's executive action has attracted widespread opposition from Republicans. If the justices don't agree by mid-January to hear the case, the issue probably will not be decided until after Obama leaves office in January 2017. "Causa and community members have fought for years to keep families together, and we'll continue to make our voices heard so that administrative relief becomes a reality for our families" said Lorena Manzo, Lead Organizer of Causa.



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