5 Small Business Ideas For Teenagers & Kids Looking To Make Some Extra Money This Year

Being a teenager comes with its own problems, one of which is when the pocket money from your parents (if you’re lucky enough) doesn’t quite meet the demands your social life has on your expenses.

You’re too young to start a business legally, yet too old for a few dollars a week for taking out the trash to enable you to do all the cool things you want to do with your friends.

In this article, we look at 5 business ideas for teenagers and kids looking to make some extra money this year.

1. Babysitting

We’ll start with a tried and trusted business idea that’s bee around for years and will remain so thanks to the high cost of professional child care and parents desire to only have people they trust looking after their kids.

If you have a large family or live in a neighborhood with young families then this could be a great option for you.

To get started simply create a profile on established websites such as Sittercity.com or Care.com or contacts aunts and uncles and family friends who have young children. You can also create flyers to hand out around the neighborhood and if you have a younger sibling, have them hand out the flyers at school to parents collecting their children.

2. Lawn Cutting

It’s the standard go-to, visit all of your neighbors, family, and friends and offer to cut their lawns for a fee. Of course, you need a mower, but some may let you use their own mower if they are getting a good deal.

Be careful of the seasons…by starting a lawn care business you are limiting yourself by seasonality as there is less work around during the fall and winter months.

Instead, you could offer to clear fallen leaves and debris, tidy up borders and pathways, shed clear outs.

Try to get them on a regularly scheduled deal so you can drive repeat business.

3. Run a Garage Sale

This could work a few ways, the first and most obvious would be to make a deal with your parents. They pull together anything they don’t need/use from the house and you will run the garage sale for them and keep a percentage of the profits.

Now obviously this can only last so long until (hopefully) you run out of items to sell. Which is where stage 2 of this master plan comes into fruition…selling other peoples stuff.

4. Selling Other Peoples Stuff

Your young and tech-savvy right? So why not make the most of that by offering to sell goods for friends and family via online platforms such as eBay or Craigslist?

Many older relatives, for example, may not know how to use these sites or have the desire to learn, which is where you come in and save the day. As in ideas number 3 above, you sell the items for an agreed minimum price and keep a percentage of the profits.

Just be sure to include listing and sellers fees in your agreement to cover all bases.

5. Pet Sitting

If you’re a pet lover then this may be more appealing than babysitting. Looking after family pets such as Dogs, Cats and even Rabbits and Chickens these days can be very rewarding both in terms of job enjoyment and financial terms.

People will pay handsomely to know that their pet is well taken care of, walked, fed, watered and played with whilst they are away on vacation. You can offer overnight stays too where you can charge extra for the house you will be there, this is great for people who pop out of town regularly.

In Summary

I hope these business ideas gave you some inspiration for setting up your own small business to earn that much needed extra cash to enjoy life a little bit more. if you have any ideas or business experiences that you feel should be featured on this list, feel free to reach out in the comment section below.

Good luck with your business ventures!