Cruz Mocks Trump as Empty Chair

Cruz won the Republican Iowa caucuses on Monday in something of an upset over Trump, who had been leading polls for weeks before the voting started.

Several social media users tweeted screengrabs of an alleged deleted tweet from Trump's official account, in which he said Cruz "illegally" stolen the vote.

Ben Carson is also accusing the Cruz campaign of dirty and shameless tactics by telling voters at the caucuses that Carson was dropping out.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said in a radio interview on Friday that he is "so into New Hampshire" that he no longer cares about suing his opponent, Texas Sen. Even if Rubio, who got third place in the caucuses, will battle for second or third place with other candidates next week. "I think some people were disappointed I didn't go in the debate".

An aide for retired neurosurgeon Carson accused Cruz's campaign of cheating to win the caucuses, while billionaire developer and reality television star Trump called for "a new election" or nullification of the results, Bloomberg reported.

"The Donald" has let loose at his rival Ted Cruz, who emerged victorious, this afternoon.

A CNN/MRU poll shows that a whopping 31% of New Hampshire GOP primary voters before the Iowa caucus would never vote for Trump, a metric that has now jumped to 37%.

Sheagley said the close contest resembles 2008 when Barack Obama pulled ahead of Clinton in the race to the White House. Mr Rubio is trying to be the Republican establishment's preferred alternative to Mr Trump or Mr Cruz.

Wednesday afternoon, Cruz responded to Trump's Twitter rant. No, I don't think I feel any pressure. Marco Rubio with 23.1 percent.

So much for the humbling of Donald Trump. "And then when the clarification was put out by Ben Carson saying it's untrue, they got the statement and they didn't put it out".

He also accused him of lying to "thousands of caucus-goers that Trump was strongly in favor of ObamaCare". And as the results are promising for the Florida senator, he heads to New Hampshire where the February 9 votes will be cast before the general elections in November.

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