Australia to Step up Zika Testing as Two New Cases Reported

Australia to Step up Zika Testing as Two New Cases Reported

Another six deaths are now being investigated.

Todd Matthews, who, as Fort Smith street supervisor, oversees the city's mosquito-control program, said he has not heard of the city directors discussing the Zika virus yet but said that "I'm sure they'll be talking about it".

In the event an Aedes aegypti bites a disease-infected person in the central San Joaquin Valley, Mulligan said, "our initial focus will be to impact the disease transmission cycle, and we will be aggressive in increasing our efforts to reduce the numbers of adult and immature mosquitoes around the immediate area using approved public health insecticides".

The U.N. human-rights agency called for some nations to loosen laws against abortion, and USA health authorities recommended that men who have visited areas with the Zika virus use condoms if they have sex with pregnant women.

In his address, Santos also said US medical investigators would soon arrive in his country to help probe the virus, which he said had most likely infected more than 25,600 Colombians.

French scientists had already published research a year ago in the Journal of Clinical Virology that located the Zika virus in human saliva following an outbreak of the virus in 2013 and 2014 in French Polynesia. These include low-grade fever, joint pain, red eyes, rash and generalized symptoms such as muscle pain, physical weakness, lack of energy and headaches.

The poll is the latest sign the virus, suspected to be linked to thousands of birth defects in Brazil, could depress travel to popular cold-weather getaways in the coming months. It is also known to cause microcephaly in pregnant mothers, which can cause their babies to be born with unusually small heads. The virus is now believed to be spreading in 29 countries, mainly in Latin America.

"So what they saw is an exponential increase in microcephaly cases with the appearance of Zika virus", Rutledge said. In El Salvador, one of those warning against pregnancy, abortion is punishable by up to 40 years in prison. A recent case in the U.S. suggested that the virus can be transmitted sexually.

Mr Dick said all of those people were infected while overseas, and the virus had not taken hold in mosquitoes in north Queensland.

Dr. Garcia said her practice is developing a screening questionnaire to assess each patient's risk for Zika virus based on her travel history.

Q. If you think you've been exposed to the Zika virus, what should you do or not do? However, in a statement issued Thursday, the bishops said that the World Health Organization's declaration earlier this week that Zika was an worldwide emergency didn't justify abortion.

Colombia has more than 20,500 confirmed cases of Zika infection to date.

In the USA territory of Puerto Rico, officials declared a health emergency over Zika and confirmed a pregnant woman had been infected, bringing the number of cases on the island to 22.

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