Zika virus: What you need to know

Zika virus: What you need to know

Rick Scott expanded the state of emergency to a fifth county today after the discovery of Zika virus cases there. The non-pregnant individual traveled to Colombia between the end of December and the first of January and has made a full recovery.

The order allows the state's agriculture department to use mosquito spray more in those areas. CDC has issued a travel alert (Level 2-Practice Enhanced Precautions) for people traveling to regions and certain countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing. The virus is usually transmitted by the bite of a mosquito.

The infection presents no risk for tourist activity, Alberto Diaz, a senior official from the health ministry, told tour operators during a meeting in Cancun, however conceding it was "inevitable" the virus would spread.

The blood center at the University of Campinas said a second person who donated blood in May developed symptoms and tested positive for Zika, though the recipient of the contaminated blood has not developed symptoms of the virus. The cruise industry is also giving pregnant women the opportunity to change previously placed bookings if needed. That's where all of the affected cases were detected.

The birth defect is so risky to human development that in December 2015, Brazil asked its female residents to seriously consider postponing pregnancy until more information is available and preventative measures can be taken, such as receiving a vaccine for the virus.

There is now no vaccine or medicine that will prevent or treat Zika.

World Health Organization officials say it could be six to nine months before science proves or disproves any connection between the virus and babies born with abnormally small heads. In the circumstances, the WHO has done well to swiftly declare a public health emergency as this will push scientists and pharmaceutical companies to focus attention to finding a way to neutralise the Zika virus' deadly impact. Women returning from the affected countries should avoid getting pregnant for 28 days.

In Brazil, there has been mounting evidence linking Zika infection in pregnant women to a rare birth defect called microcephaly, in which a newborn's head is smaller than normal and the brain may not have developed properly.

The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rashes, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes). "We are actively monitoring the situation and working very closely with the CDC and local health departments to protect New Yorkers from Zika virus". The virus was first identified in Uganda in 1947 in rhesus monkeys and was first identified in people in 1952 in Uganda and Tanzania, according to the World Health Organisation.

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