John Scott Gets MVP At All-Star Game, Pacific Wins

The NHL gets credit for the 3 on 3 tournament.

Earlier, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had said the fans spoke, so Scott is welcome at the 2016 All-Star Game. Seravalli reported Monday that Scott's agent, Ben Hankinson of Octagon Hockey, was approached about a possible movie recounting Scott's career and All-Star Game saga. "One of the reasons I've made it as long as I have in the league is because I specifically know I'm not an All-Star". Scott captained the Pacific to a 1-0 win in the championship.

The notion that someone like Scott, a big bruiser who plays a style of hockey that is most likely on its way out, belongs in an All-Star game was fairly radical.

"You hate to lose, but if I ever wanted to lose, ever, I'm glad I lost today", Jagr said. You can't put it into words.

It was a big weekend in Nashville as the NHL All Star Game took place, and a fan favourite came out of the tournament with the title of MVP. I think the pace was really good for the league and you've got to give all the players in the game a lot of credit for that. Teammates lifted him on their shoulders while fans chanted "MVP!" and then Scott was announced as the MVP and presented with a Honda Pilot Touring SUV. Scott came into All-Star Weekend shrouded in controversy, unsure of how the players and fans would receive him, uncertain if he'd be able to keep up with players whose pedigrees severely outmatched his own. "It's unbelievable", Scott said. "Yeah, nerve wracking, especially (since) Burnzie is such a spaz".

"Just another moment from this weekend I can not believe".

If you have heard Scott speak on one of these interviews, you would quickly realize that he's just one of the guys. It's the kind of position the NHL has to play a delicate balance with, because fighting is "part of the game", but the league doesn't want to draw extra attention to it. This time, these All-Stars combined for 116 shots and 23 goals.

Scott told the Players' Tribune that an National Hockey League official did try to discourage his participation by saying: "Do you think this is something your kids would be proud of?" Their inspiration was the 3-on-3 overtime approach for a tournament pitting the four divisions against each other in 20-minute games. "I don't know what the ratings were, but I'm sure they were better than the last ones that were played".

Florida goalie Roberto Luongo and Los Angeles goalie Jonathan Quick combined for 22 saves, 12 by Luongo, in a breathtaking exhibition of save-making over the first 10 minutes.

He was then traded from Arizona to Montreal, which sent him to the AHL.

Despite the league pulling out all the stops to curb the 33-year-old's inclusion, the NHL eventually bowed to the fan outcry and Scott's steadfast desire to participate at All-Star Weekend and captain the Pacific. He was first-class and handled it all so well, and equally cool was having his entire family along with him - including wife Danielle, who's nine months pregnant with twins.

She said this has been overwhelming. Goons aren't paid to score goals.

"I thought it was good", Schneider, the Marblehead and Boston College product, said. "We'd like to have the babies at home".

Goals were surprisingly scarce in the championship period, with Anaheim right winger Corey Perry the only one to crack the code.

Within hours of the vote opening, the Twitter hashtag #VoteJohnScott appeared, and a write-in campaign catapulted Scott's name to the top of the list. The gameplay was exciting and fun to watch, even the 1-0 final game was a blast. Scott's Pacific beat the powerful Central 9-6 to advance.

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