Clinton campaigns with Giffords, focuses on gun control

In Iowa, Sanders and Clinton are locked in a statistical dead heat, with Clinton earning 45 percent support of likely caucus-goers compared with 42 percent for Sanders, according to a Des Moines Register/Bloomberg politics.

Sanders' campaign manager Jeff Weaver said that Sanders will commit to the leader-msnbc-to-host-unsanctioned-democratic/">debate in Flint if Clinton also agrees to one in Brooklyn, N.Y., on April 14. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 percent.

Clinton holds a significant lead among minority voters in polls, and Sanders has been working on catching up.

With that, he tried to set expectations so that if Rubio finishes better than third, it can be proclaimed a great performance and if Cruz doesn't win, it will be seen as a great failure.

Speaking hours before the poll results were released in a jam-packed hotel ballroom here, Cruz pitched himself as someone who has consistently stood for conservative principles.

Rubio strategist Todd Harris said the Iowa goal is to end up behind the flamboyant Trump and the highly organized Cruz.

He credited "Jerry's incredible spirit and endorsement".

Bauer reported from Ames, Iowa.

"I am disturbed, I have to say, (that) the tone of Secretary Clinton's campaign is such that they are just bringing forth a lot of inaccurate statements regarding what I believe", Sanders told canvassers in Charles City.

Sanders, meanwhile, is enjoying his highest mark in a Bloomberg Politics/Register poll.

"We've come so far", the email reads.

The numbers are strong for Trump.

In this January 17, 2016 photo, Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Sen.

The Iowa caucus is Monday, when the caucus-goers will decide what recent polls are showing to be a tight race.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz directed much of his final advertising against the Florida senator in the frenzied weekend prelude, feeding a Republican feud that turned increasingly bitter in the final days. The rest have positive ratings below 50 percent. Barack Obama pulled off an upset over Clinton, about 240,000 Iowans took part in the Democratic caucus, a record turnout. A snowfall forecast to start Monday night appeared more likely to hinder the hopefuls in their rush out of Iowa than the voters.

Though Iowa doesn't necessarily represent a diverse cross-section of America, with the whites taking up a large proportion of the state's population, the Iowa caucuses have always been watched closely in each election cycle, since it is the first voting that could indicate how the country as a whole will respond to the candidates.

Ms Selzer and her Des Moines-based firm, Selzer & Company, is impressive: Selzer, has polled for the Des Moines Register for decades and was the only pollster to correctly predict the order of Democratic candidates in 2004.

As they await a decision from DNC officials, the Clinton and Sanders campaigns are proceeding as if there will be four more debates. The article cited a Pew Research Center poll from late 2011 that found that 60 percent of Americans had an "unfavorable opinion of socialism".

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