Veterans groups blast Trump's fundraiser as a political ploy

Veterans groups blast Trump's fundraiser as a political ploy

"While we are grateful for this support, it is our honest wish that all who seek public office will provide the American public with substantive information on their vision for the future of veterans' health care and benefits". He set up a website to solicit these donations.

All told, the Trump campaign said the event took in $6 million for the Trump Foundation, which would be dispersed to 22 different organizations. According to NPQ, "For the most part, the press was hoodwinked". It includes 22 veterans organizations from over a dozen states. "It's just one guy, a political operative named Joel Arends". It also lost its federal tax-exempt status. It was a swing and a miss for Trump.

Several leading veterans activists and supporters denounced Donald Trump's hastily arranged fundraiser for veterans in Iowa on Thursday night as a "political ploy".

Sarah Palin Thursday lauded Donald Trump's decision to skip the Republican presidential debate in Des Moines, calling him a "game-changer" whose "victory on this issue proves we have a choice". If the money is distributed evenly, each organization would stand to receive around $272,000.

The founder of at least one veteran group, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, has said that the organization will not accept the donations.

The New York Daily News also pointed out that Trump has in the past complained about street vendors, including veterans, in New York. "You're a loser. You're a third-rate politician, who clearly doesn't understand issues", Chairman of Jon Stoltz said.

Trump has tried to tie fundraising for veterans with debates in the past. Trump himself avoided the draft for the war by receiving a medical deferment.

But it isn't clear Trump won that battle, even if the debate had the second lowest ratings in this election cycle.

The Wounded Warrior Project, which itself has been the subject of controversy this week, has been touted by Trump in the past as a veterans group he supports. "A lot of people are going to be there, and I can do some good".

Pierson, who mostly ignored Ferguson's comments, said in reply that, because of the things Ferguson was saying, then he probably "hasn't been paying attention to the Trump campaign". While the idea seems heartfelt on the surface, many see through Trump's facade. While he may not be operating a charity scam or knowingly violating IRS rules to launder donors' money, is he any better, with his exploitative statements and rhetoric about veterans? Myself and fellow veterans are in the spotlight.

Donations were said to be going to the Red Cross.

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