The Bachelor recap: Can You Feel (the Love Tonight)?

He also reveals that the outlandish dates (helicopter rides, trips to Mexico, hot tubs in the middle of nowhere) are "fun", but he still likes the simple things. They went to their mom's home where she told Ben that Emily was the more dominant twin.

This was a big week for Himle, who had her first extended one-on-one screen time with Bachelor Ben Higgins and capitalized on the opportunity. They're on date four. The real twist? JoJo think Ben's message to MULTIPLE WOMEN is "so romantic". And some people started thinking about her virginal status. Granted, this statement was edited in the promos to make him sound dumber than he is, but he still conveniently forgot "Sin City" and "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" and the fact that the city's sidewalks are littered with flyers advertising for prostitutes. Last Let me clarify why I'm on team Olivia. It was only a matter of time before they would end up being separated. During their date, the ladies have to show their talents, live in front of over a thousand people. However, it was Olivia who earned the most awkward award, jumping out of a cake ad awkwardly high kicking. Olivia will be back to bring drama to the group as she continues to dish out rude comments about Amanda. Afterwards, they talked about her decision to wait for sex until marriage. But she said she cared for Ben more. But when it came time to perform, viewers were disappointed.

Ben asks about JoJo's last relationship, which she says ended five months ago. Although she may gloat about it, she has yet to get a one-on-one date with Ben, so many producers are telling him to give her the roses because she's providing great entertainment this season. However, he doesn't gift her with the group date rose to make her feel better.

Ben is just 7 weeks away from the final rose ceremony and the eliminations will be tougher as he starts to fall for several girls.

Later, at a neon museum in Vegas, Ben grilled Becca about whether she could fall in love-because she'd been standoffish with Soules. Maybe after spending so much time in Bachelor Nation (two seasons of The Bachelor and one of Bachelor in Paradise) she was just burnt out and crashing now that it's coming to an end. Haley's room had pics of her boyfriend in it which was kind of weird, and ultimately the connection was there more with Emily, so he kept her, and left Haley home with her mom. The hundredth helicopter (approximation) of the season arrives to whisk the two away while the other girls watch from the hotel.

All of that means Emily Ferguson might need to rethink her official Bachelor job title. Olivia admitted she told Ben she was "falling for him", and JoJo was shocked that Olivia would go there.

The women have one hour to pack and catch their flight because Ben's already there. Amber and Rachel join Haley as the contestants eliminated during episode 4.

Watch Becca discuss her virginity with Ben on Bachelor Season 20.

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