Sarah Palin says son's arrest linked to PTSD

Sarah Palin says son's arrest linked to PTSD

Conservative firebrand Sarah Palin joined Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Oklahoma Wednesday as part of her endorsement pledge in the increasingly intense race for the GOP nomination.

"America needs help and we need a strong leader and we need someone like Mr. Trump with leadership qualities, someone with courage, someone that's strong, like John Wayne", she said. "She can pick winners". One, who identified as a retired Army veteran, said her comments could cause "perceptual problems & future treatment issues" for those diagnosed with PTSD. In that same MSNBC interview, he seemed on the rocks about Donald Trump and for Jeb Bush. Because she told me that they're coming back, so many are coming back and they are, you know, they're under tremendous pressure and tremendous strain.

"Oh my goodness gracious".

Colbert then launched into what could be the greatest Sarah Palin impression the world has ever seen (sorry, Tina Fey).

"I thought it would be appropriate", Trump said. Paul Rieckhoff, the head of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), said that Palin shouldn't "politicize" the "very serious problem" of PTSD. "What the heck would the establishment know about conservativism?" she said. "Because every time you do it, what it is doing is telling conservatives all over the country where you stand and who stands with you".

"I like Sarah Palin but I'm not going to blame President Obama for the post-traumatic stress disorder that our soldiers may face", Sen. In addition to repeating questions about whether Trump's Canadian birth makes him ineligible to be president, he also pointed to bank loans Cruz failed to disclose.

Meanwhile, Trump, who won former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Palin's endorsement on Tuesday, led by 34 percent to 14 percent over Cruz among voters in New Hampshire's February 9 Republican primary.

Dole, a former Kansas senator, was the Republican Party's presidential nominee in 1996.

A day after her endorsement of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail with the billionaire businessman, and she sought to tie what she says is U.S. president Barack Obama's treatment of veterans to the recent arrest of her son on a domestic violence charge.

She added: "My father's campaign was all about character and integrity and I know that a lot of the beliefs that my father has espoused isn't popular any more".

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