Hundred Protest Flint Water Problems, Demand Governor Snyder Resignation

He says the state's $575 million budget surplus is a good start.

"I give you my commitment that MI will not let you down", Snyder said, addressing the residents of Flint after. "But he said he's going to do all that he can (you know) to get us what we deserve as a result of what happened, including safe water". He also is deploying more National Guard members to the city and promises to quickly release his emails regarding the crisis that has engulfed his administration with criticism from across the country. A full 17 months went by before the Snyder administration admitted that there might be a problem with Flint's water.

On Saturday, the president signed an emergency declaration for Flint, clearing the way for federal aid as the city responds to the fact that its water supply is contaminated with lead.

Elevated lead levels were found in the water supply in Flint after the city disconnected from Detroit's water line to save money and began drawing water from the Flint river in 2014. In 2014, General Motors announced it would stop using river water at its Flint engine plant because of potential corrosion caused by high chloride levels in the water.

Rick Snyder thought he'd calm fears and win over residents when he addressed the current water crisis in Flint, he was mistaken.

- $100,000 for the Michigan State Police to pay for the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, has apologized for the state's handling of the crisis amid growing calls in the last week for him to resign.

Corrects 4th item to say every Flint household will be visited as soon as possible instead of by end of week.

The EPA on Tuesday accused MI state officials of "failures and resistance" in working with the federal government "in a forthright, transparent and proactive manner consistent with the seriousness of the risks to public health".

So far, Democrat Hillary Clinton is the only 2016 candidate who has contacted Weaver about the water crisis, the mayor said on a conference call with the Clinton campaign and reporters on Tuesday. He says he will also release his emails from 2014 and 2015 regarding the crisis.

The corrosive river water caused more lead to leach from Flint pipes than Detroit water did, increasing contaminants in the tap water.

Synder also repeated his request for $28 million from the state legislature for more water, filters and testing kits and.

Snyder said in his speech Wednesday night that he didn't know about the "scope and magnitude" of the crisis until September, after researchers from Virginia Tech conducted an independent investigation into Flint's water. It also would replace plumbing fixtures in schools with lead problems and could help Flint with unpaid water bills. Flint returned to the Detroit system after elevated lead levels were discovered in children.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who attended the address, said Snyder's contrition "does not mitigate the crime that has been committed".

"This is the time for us to make a bigger statement than we have made in a long time", said Rev. Jackson, highlighting the racial injustice in the mostly-Black city of Flint.

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