How can the National Guard help Flint's water crisis?

Michigan National Guard members are expected to arrive in Flint Wednesday in the wake of Gov. Rick Snyder, who declared a state of emergency, asking for federal help in distributing water to residents who still have contaminated tap water. Volunteers and police carrying bottled water, filters and lead test kits knocked on doors in Flint on Tuesday, seeking to help residents in the MI city that's confronting a water crisis.

In Michigan, Snyder has requested support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in coordinating a recovery plan with other federal agencies that have the programs, authorities or technical expertise to help with Flint's water crisis.

In October, the state assisted the city in moving its source of drinking water back to Lake Huron water supplied by Detroit, but there are concerns that contamination remains because the river water damaged pipes and other infrastructure.

It was the state that, in September, attempted to discredit the doctor who first revealed that Flint's children had elevated blood-lead levels, instead of working to remediate the issue.

Snyder has faced harsh criticism for his role in the handling of the situation and lack of foresight in redirecting the water supply of Flint, a majority African-American city, to an untested and unsafe site. It took five days after the emergency was declared for officials to hand out bottled water, according to NBC News.

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

Volunteers and police have been going door to door with bottled water, filters and lead test kits.

"I think anytime that you don't have clean, fresh drinking water for you or your family, it is definitely a crisis", Michigan State Police Lt. David Kaiser said.

Asked if he and other pastors were asked to keep quiet about the role of the governor's office in delivering the filters, Overton said that Hollins told him: "Listen, the donor did not want to be announced". "We're talking about tap water from the bailout city".

Now, after just 2 percent of the city has been tested, 43 children have already been diagnosed with risky amounts of lead in their blood - a condition that can cause mental and physical development problems.

Dennis Muchmore, former chief of staff, sent a concerned email to the state health agency this past July fearing the state of MI was blowing off Flint residents' water system concerns.

And it was the state that dragged its feet responding to this crisis - finally mobilizing an appropriate emergency response last weekend, more than three months that doctor exposed this serious problem. "Flint residents are the victims in this crisis and they deserve a more urgent response equal to the gravity of this crisis".

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