Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dead at 67

The impulsive Frey and the more cerebral Henley shared songwriting and singing duties, with Frey's drawling tenor featured on Heartache Tonight, Already Gone and the group's breakthrough hit, death-of-glenn-frey/">Take it Easy.

Frey co-founded The Eagles in 1971 and co-wrote many of their biggest hits, including Hotel California and One of These Nights. Frey died in New York City after becoming ill of acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia, according to his bandmates, as cited by the source above.

Bette Midler said Frey's songs perfectly captured the days of 1970s Los Angeles and country's Tim McGraw said Frey's music was "personally inspirational" and he leaves a timeless legacy. The group brought the harmonies of country and bluegrass music to rock, redefining the sound of Southern California pop. While Frey typically played the road-dog anthem on the acoustic guitar, he was no stranger to the keys; one of the band's most well-known songs, "Desperado", had Frey playing the piano while Don Henley sang the track in concert.

NEW YORK (AP) - Don Felder had still not given up on speaking again to Glenn Frey.

Frey and Henley battled over creative control and other matters; Frey, whom People magazine once referred to as the Warren Beatty of rock, has acknowledged a certain profligate lifestyle during the band's first decade.

Bandmate Don Henley said, "He was like a brother to me..."

In the wake of Frey's death, Showtime is re-airing the two-part documentary History of the Eagles this week.

Frey and Henley also became estranged for years, their breach a key reason the band stayed apart in the 1980s.

Frey had success as a solo artist, with songs including "The One You Love" and "You Belong to the City", and careers in movies and television. "TAKE IT EASY (written by Glen Frey & his good buddy Jackson Brown) is now and always will be, the pinnacle of a "classic rock" hit song".

Frey's legendary temper and stubbornness eventually led to a 14-year falling out with Henley and when they reunited in 1994, the intervening years may have made both men wiser but it didn't boring their principles in the slightest.

"Glenn was the one who invited me to join the Eagles in 1974 and it turned out to be a gift of a lifetime to have spent so many years working side by side with him", Felder continued. "He was the spark plug, the man with the plan". "He was amusing, strong, and generous".

Rest in peace Glenn and may God bless you and your family.

The doctor continued, "If you are immuno-compromised... then sometimes even with antibiotics you're not able to overcome the pneumonia and you can actually die from that".

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