Clinton and Sanders Set for High-Stakes Democratic Debate

"Don't talk to me about standing up to corporate interests and big powers", Clinton said of Sanders in Ames.

I don't think she expected to possibly lose both of the early states. Hillary Clinton now faces not a coronation, not a cakewalk, but a contest - one she could lose. "I'm out there, and I know what Democrats are feeling", Clyburn said. He needs some big moments to revive his hopes, while Sanders and Clinton will try to connect with ideas that will excite their followers and encourage them to get to the polls.

It's unclear whether Clinton's attack will hurt Sanders.

There was a time when Democrats fretted about Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign becoming a coronation and leaving her without the tests of a primary season to prepare for a general election matchup against the Republican nominee. Clinton has accused Sanders of being weak on gun control, pointing to his repeated votes against the Brady Bill and in support of the so-called Charleston Loophole, which allows gun buyers to bypass a background check if it is not completed in three days. While Clinton has stopped short of calling for government backdoors into tech companies's user data, she has repeatedly urged Silicon Valley to work with government to fight terrorism online. Hillary Clinton later doubled down, saying that "if you look at Senator Sanders' proposals going back nine times in Congress, that's exactly what he's proposed".

Clinton's campaign complained this past week when Sanders aired an ad that suggested Clinton wouldn't be tough enough on Wall Street.

Finally, there's the core issue motivating Sanders's campaign and indeed his entire political career - his desire to check the power of the superwealthy and corporations.

Little noticed in last week's Des Moines Register-Bloomberg Politics Iowa poll was this finding: A remarkable 43 percent of likely Democratic caucus participants describe themselves as socialists, including 58 percent of Sanders's supporters and about a third of Clinton's. West told students that Sanders marched with Martin Luther King in 1964, "when it was not popular, it didn't win any moral prizes", adding, "He did it because it was right and moral and just".

The next Democratic debate is on Sunday, January 17, at 9 pm Eastern. Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the poll, reports, said that Clinton is experiencing a "continuing slide" with how she is "perceived by voters who continue to say she is not honest and trustworthy".

In New Hampshire, Sanders again said he doesn't want to go negative. Sanders has been laser-focused on this for decades, while Clinton has been much more of an ordinary mainstream Democrat - willing to push for policies that improve people's lives, but also eager to win the business community to her side.

Many had thought that the party establishment had cleared the way for her nomination.

In September, Brock's group began circulating emails comparing Sanders to Hugo Chavez, the late Venezuelan dictator, and to Jeremy Corbyn, the radical leftist leader of U.K.'s Labour Party.

Recent polls show Sanders leading or within the margin of error in polls in the early nominating states of New Hampshire and Iowa.

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