National Guard boosts presence in Flint to aid water crisis

Members of Michigan's National Guard have been called in to help volunteers pass out drinking water, testing kits, filters and other supplies to city residents, and the state said more Guard members arrived Monday to bring the total to 70.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency granted Snyder's request to cover 75% of the state's costs on items such as bottled water and filters.

We're heading back now to Flint, Mich., where we have been following the water crisis. That declaration would provide more money and resources than the emergency declaration. Tests later showed the river water lacked proper treatment, causing lead to leach from old pipes. Cases of children with elevated levels of lead in their blood have been reported since the change, and cases of Legionnaires' disease have also seen a spike, with one expert telling the Free Press that there was a "very strong likelihood" the water is to blame. The Department of Justice and Michigan's attorney general are looking into the matter. Snyder has been accused of allowing the problem to fester.

On Monday, around 100 protesters rallied outside of the governor's home in downtown Ann Arbor, according to CNN affiliate WXYZ.

Efforts are now underway to protect the population, with bottled water being distributed, but Hillary Clinton used Sunday night's televised debate of Democratic presidential hopefuls to express her outrage at Flint's poor, mainly African-American residents being exposed. She suggested racial undertones to Flint's problems and blamed Snyder.

Her chief rival, Vermont Sen.

"People can draw their own conclusions, but that's what it appears to me", the Republican governor told The Detroit News at a Martin Luther King Day breakfast at the University of Michigan-Flint.

"Because of the conduct by Governor Snyder's administration and his refusal to take responsibility, families will suffer from lead poisoning for the rest of their lives", Sanders said in a statement.

Moore has been gunning for Snyder's prosecution for at least two weeks, collecting about 118,000 signatures in a petition posted to his website alleging Snyder allowed a toxic amount of lead seep into the city's drinking water. But the consequences of the water crisis may be irreversible. "They did this. They knew". "The elderly can't pick up water so we'll deliver it to them and others in need".

"Like everybody else, we drank and cooked with it because they told us it was safe", she said.

"It was frustrating that it went on for so long", Hanna-Attisha said, complaining that even since the state began taking action, "everything has been slow".

He pointed the finger of guilt at Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, saying he's ultimately responsible for the man-made catastrophe.

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