Sanders: 'Disappointed' by Chelsea Clinton attack

As for guns, Sanders said he opposed liability bills in the past because they may have made small retailers vulnerable to lawsuits over gun violence. Can a Sunday night debate score higher ratings than the past couple of Saturday night affairs? He has also sharply closed the gap nationally.

After a succession of Democratic presidential debates largely absent of the acrimony and personal affronts that have defined the GOP face-offs, a sharp turn in tone is expected when the Democratic candidates take the stage in Charleston, S.C., on Sunday night.

One sticking point is the peculiarity of the Democratic debate schedule.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. "I think that Clinton is going to be a lot more aggressive, I think she's going to make the contrast". I mean he's pretty abrassive to begin with, even when he's trying to be nice. Chuck Todd of "Meet the Press", will anchor coverage before and after the debate. Clinton is losing ground and can't afford to be completely positive. As Sanders surges in the polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire, a nervous Clinton has gone on the attack over his support for single-payer health care.

"And so I'm just saying that we're only engaging in substantive differences". But they blame supporters of that amendment for having to fight for that three-day waiting period in the first place. How do you defend it? More importantly, winning elections can increase your poll numbers and Bernie sorely needs this in the South and Western states where Clinton is strong.

Taking on Sanders is not as easy as it might seem.

But after a firestorm erupted on Twitter over the tactic, the Clinton camp disavowed Brock's tactics.

Sanders' campaign has moved quickly to fundraise off the attacks, including a reported call on Saturday from a top Clinton outside ally for the 74-year-old senator to release his health records.

Hours before a suddenly pivotal debate, Hillary Clinton again hit Democratic rival Bernie Sanders over issue of gun control. "Nobody believes that stuff".

"Nate Silver is out to lunch on Clinton being a heavy favorite in New Hampshire", he tells U.S. News, referring to the FiveThirtyEight polling guru. Clinton offered a forceful endorsement of President Barack Obama, casting herself as his natural heir. She declared that she was "with" Obama on the issue of holding gun manufacturers liable when crimes are committed with their products, which has been a source of campaign controversy for Sanders. My plan: "break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share".

Hillary Clinton may want to think twice before moving her "not-so-secret weapon" Bill Clinton to the forefront of her presidential campaign.

Having just released her own health records, partially in response to repeated questions about her own physical fitness, Clinton's pointing out Sanders' age calls into question concerns about her own age. Earlier in the week, Chelsea Clinton warned at a campaign event that Sanders' plan would wipe out Medicare altogether. Through the third quarter of previous year, the campaign spent more than $12 million on direct marketing, online ads and media buys, according to campaign finance filings.

His latest TV ad suggests he would be tougher than Clinton on Wall Street.

"Obviously she is part of the establishment that Wall Street has showered with financial support". If Bernie wins: The insurgent candidate continues his game changing momentum.

Democratic insiders say that Sanders rise has clearly struck a nerve within the campaign.

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