Drug lord was interested in Mexican actress, not Sean Penn

Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman fawned over the "beautiful" actress Kate del Castillo, while she confessed her "dream" of meeting him in leaked text messages filled with warm exchanges.

And while most of us wouldn't consider the expert escapee a trendsetter, the $128 shirts are now on back order, Esteghbal said: "Orders keep coming in, people really want that shirt!"

Guzman's ties with del Castillo began publicly in 2012 when the actress, who has fronted campaigns for L'Oreal and Ford, wrote an open letter calling on the capo to "traffic in goodness" and saying she believed more in him than the government.

"If during the dinner El Chapo gave them money, or jewels, or he gave them money for the movie or any other transaction, they could be charged with money laundering", Barragan y Salvatierra said.

"What's the name of this actor again?" he asked his lawyer when a Mexican television star contacted him about doing an interview with Mr. Penn.

Deeply concerned that Guzman could escape for a third time, Mexico has beefed up security at his prison, reinforcing the floor of his cell and placing a guard on his door 24/7. While Department of Justice officials still seek to have Guzman sent to the US for prosecution I have a suggestion for the Mexican Attorney General.

Barabas, in Los Angeles' Fashion District, was quick to realise the drug lord was pictured in one of its shirts, and even quicker to cash in on it.

Showing just why he is nicknamed Shorty, the world's most powerful drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman poses for a new prison mugshot after being recaptured.

In a report by NBC News, Mexican officials are investigating the meeting, not specifically Penn and Mexican actress Kate del Castillo. In the meantime, they appear to be taking extraordinary measure to prevent a third escape.

It is claimed he eventually made his way to the seaside city of Los Mochis in his native Sinaloa state, where he was captured on Friday in a deadly shoot-out with Mexican marines.

Penn, who wrote about the October 2 meeting with Guzman in a Rolling Stone article published on Saturday, said the kingpin wanted Del Castillo to help him make a biopic about himself. More than a year after the massacre of 43 students in the town of Iguala, the government's investigation has made little headway.

Before his brazen jailbreak a year ago, the notorious drug boss instructed his lawyers to trademark his name, giving Mexican authorities their first clue that he wanted to make a film of his life, local media said on Tuesday. "Mr Guzman is a very serious man, very intelligent", Badillo said. Guzman has been moved eight times at the Altiplano prison since his recapture Friday, he said.

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