Hillary Clinton Has Developed a Foolproof Method to Stay Awake

Hillary Clinton does play the gender card, relentlessly.

Gennifer Flowers, who had consensual relations with Clinton, also warned about a Hillary presidency on Klein's show.

In mid-2015, as both Sanders and Clinton launched their respective campaigns, polls showed the former secretary of state with leads as high as 60 points nationally.

Clinton made clear, though, that even a jackpot of that size would not derail her presidential ambitions.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked her what she'd do with the cash, which is estimated to be $930 million before taxes if the victor chooses the lump sum payout.

"I did!" Clinton said while bursting out into laughter.

Clinton said it is important to have a president who builds on Obamacare, not repeals it.

"And actually, Bill Clinton had their sights on him and then didn't pull the trigger", the billionaire businessman added. And when questioned by Fallon whether she was "willing to relocate", to which she responded, "For the right job, I am". But I'm honored that they said they said that about me.

CLINTON: What that ad says is that I have the experience, the toughness, the resilience to be able to take on the Republicans. "Jet lag is really serious when you're flying through time zones around the world", she told Fallon.

Also during the interview, they discussed Donald Trump. "Well, I don't think I'd make it past the first half-hour", Clinton says.

There's nobody that will do more for women than I will-and included in that is that I'm going to make our country secure. "And also explain why, after this historic achievement of President Obama, we've been fighting to get some kind of affordable care since Harry Truman. now he wants to start all over again". But over the past two days, her message has involved pointing out Sanders' potential missteps, like not releasing his plans to pay for programs he's been promising on the trail, before Iowans caucus.

"Thanks to all of you for being here on this bright, sunny and cold afternoon", Clinton said to the crowd in Dubuque.

Clinton then fulminated against one particular iPhone feature: "You know what I really get annoyed by, is their spellcheck takes the word I'm trying to type, and totally throws it out and puts something else in that has no meaning".

CLINTON: You know, I want to win.

Broaddrick has claimed that she believes Clinton attempted to silence her at a small campaign fundraiser in Little Rock shortly after the alleged hotel assault.

China calls for restraint after DPRK nuclear test
South Korea has resumed cross-border propaganda broadcasts, which the North Korean government considers an act of war. The Rodong Sinmun said Monday that the U.S.is now exerting its strategic bomber formations toward South Korea .