UTSA hires new head football coach

UTSA hires new head football coach

The man behind the man behind some of the best recruiting in college football over the last seven years is leaving LSU.

According to multiple reports, UTSA has hired LSU RB coach and recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson to serve as their head coach. Football Scoop has reported that the deal will likely be solidified this evening which aligns with UTSA expressing desire to hire a head coach by the start of the weekend.

Wilson, along with Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer, were the two finalists for the job. Spencer would make the second coach in UTSA history and would also be the second former-Cowboy to coach at the school as his would-be predecessor was Larry Coker, who coached in Stillwater from 1983-89.

Wilson is generally regarded as a top-notch recruiter. At LSU, he was the highest paid position coach making north of $600,000 a year. Prior to his time at LSU, Wilson coached at Tennessee, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss. While Wilson doesn't have DI coordinator or head coaching experience, he vastly surpasses reasonable expectations in so many areas and will certainly energize UTSA's fanbase.

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