1st black US attorney general endorses Clinton for president

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Sanders, meanwhile, has pulled ahead of Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire with his themes of income inequality and the excesses of the "billionaire class". "Sanders plan would do".

"I like Bernie's sincerity", said Mr Dalton Paget, 27, an insurance agent from Spokane, Washington. "Not necessarily before the caucuses".

In 2008, of course, the group endorsed now-president Obama after he won a less impressive 70 percent of the support of its members.

It's the latter that's receiving more attention this week, with Clinton decrying Sanders' proposal for universal single-payer health care by saying he wants to rip up Obamacare to start over.

"To Bernie Sanders with thanks for your commitment to real health care access for all Americans and best wishes", the note reads.

Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley each took to Twitter to praise Mr. Obama and make the case that another Democrat must succeed him in 2017.

"I doubt if there's another figure in public life that could have stood there for 11 hours, answered every question, never
lost her cool, and kept on
going", he said to loud applause in Keene.

With Sanders now leading in Iowa and New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada are seen as more important for the Clinton campaign than they were weeks ago.

The Democratic and Republican caucuses will be held on February 1 across the state. "She has said many times that we need to give middle-class families a raise, not a tax increase". "The idea of expanding instant background checks, the idea of making sure that people who have criminal backgrounds or are mentally unstable should not have guns - something I have believed my whole life", Sanders said.

"All they are doing now, as they should be doing, is talking about the differences in their positions", Bill Clinton said while working the ropeline after a speech in Keene.

The former First Daughter was in New Hampshire on Tuesday to say why she was voting for Hillary and against Bernie as a young mother.

Despite this, the Sanders campaign has proudly noted the NRA slapped him with a "D-" rating.

On "Good Morning America", Clinton again slammed Sanders' health care proposals. She crushes Sanders in endorsements, a measurement many political scientists consider key to winning nominations.

Prior to the conference call, Sanders's campaign released a list of several other major initiatives that Sanders has proposed as a presidential candidate, along with an explanation of how he would finance them.

Sanders responded by moving to criticize "a corrupt campaign finance system where candidates like Secretary Clinton have PACs that are bringing in huge amounts of money from very wealthy and powerful special interests".

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