New 'Tally' robot created to rapidly take stock of store shelves

New 'Tally' robot created to rapidly take stock of store shelves

Instead of relying on mere humans to remember where every item in a store is, and how many are left in stock, Simbe's new robot, Tally, will keep track of every package of Double-Stuf Oreos, every bag of Ruffles crinkle-cut potato chips, and every DiGiorno frozen pizza. Tally can also catch pricing errors or if items have been misplaced.

Tally can run during work hours, according to Engadget, meaning human employees won't have to waste time during the day checking on stock. The robot is equipped with multiple sensors that not only scan shelves for inventory but scan the aisles to make sure the robot isn't bumping into shelves, displays or shoppers.

Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, said he's not sure if having a robot to do inventory will free up workers to do bigger, more complex jobs or if it will simply mean that the business won't need as many human workers.

The solution consists of mobile robots that can autonomously traverse retail environments to capture, report, and analyse the state and availability of merchandise.

While Tally can't rectify any problems on its own, it does send data to the cloud and then presents recommendations to the retailer through an app on how to better meet customer demands.

Running a store is not easy - far from it. There is a whole lot of items for you to think about, ranging from staffing issues to stock count and the like.


If a certain tech startup succeeds, you could soon see a robot roaming the aisles of your local drug store!